Permanent makeup during menstruation: pros and cons

Is it possible to do powder eyebrows while on your period? This question worries many women, because the constant pursuit of perfection requires the fair sex to participate in all sorts of procedures, some of which have a number of contraindications. The period of menstruation is not the best time to introduce coloring pigments into the subcutaneous layer; this is due to changing reactions of the body, which can give a number of side effects. Why masters recommend refraining from such manipulations during this period, and what the consequences of violating this prohibition are, we will consider below.

Type of permanent makeup

The pigment is introduced into the skin using various technologies:

  1. Hair method. Due to the drawing of each hair, even anesthesia cannot remove all pain.
  2. Shotting. The introduction of pigment is minimal (up to 4 mm), so many women are more comfortable with the creation of fine strokes.
  3. Shading of paint. Used exclusively for eyebrow correction with the creation of a shaded background.

During menstruation, the last two techniques are allowed, but drawing hairs is undesirable.

Pharmacy preparations for the care of permanent eyebrow makeup

When treating the skin after permanent treatment, be careful with the choice of medications.

Doctors recommend antiseptics chlorhexidine, Miramistin and their analogues. Use cotton swabs at the rate of two per procedure - for each eyebrow separately.

If you have dry, very tight skin, ointments “Bepanten”, “D-panthenol” or the familiar “Solcoseryl” will help.

How to care for permanent eyebrow makeup after the procedure - procedure:

  • remove (wash off) the old drug;
  • apply an antiseptic;
  • apply cream to the tattoo area;
  • blot off excess with a cotton pad.

This should be done every two to three hours to eliminate dryness and discomfort.

Approximate time for skin regeneration in the eyebrow area and recommended procedures:

Deadlines Actions
First hour or two Ich comes out of the wounds. Antiseptic treatment.
First week A crust appears. Healing manipulations.
Next 2-3 weeks The crust is gradually removed through natural peeling. A layer of new skin is formed. The use of nourishing oils (for example, almond) to increase regeneration.
After 1-1.5 months Eyebrows take on a perfect look. Skincare procedures are no longer needed.

Who can get eyebrow tattooing during menstruation?

Critical days are not an absolute contraindication. When answering the question whether it is possible to do microblading during menstruation, you need to evaluate your health.

Tattooing during menstruation is permitted under the following conditions:

  • light bleeding;
  • absence of acne during menstruation and redness;
  • high pain threshold;
  • not painful periods;
  • good rates of skin healing;
  • minor intervention.

It is important to know that there is still a risk of a long recovery period and a decrease in the quality of work. Therefore, it is advisable to postpone tattooing of lips, eyebrows, arrows on the eyes, and other tattoos until the monthly bleeding is completely completed.

Procedures completed

On a note. The process of eyebrow correction begins with a discussion of their shape, color and arch.

In parallel, the master carries out a procedure consisting of:

  • shortening the hairs and measuring the distance between the eyebrows to determine the center between them;
  • drawing a sketch in pencil taking into account the client’s wishes;
  • measuring the distance from the outer edge of the eyebrows to the beginning of the wings of the nose and drawing additional lines that accurately determine symmetry;
  • agreeing on the sketch and familiarizing the client with contraindications and recommendations;
  • treatment with a disinfectant solution and then with an anesthetic cream;
  • introducing pigment under the skin with microneedles of a hand-held pen, followed by rubbing in the pigment.

If desired, eyebrows can be colored and covered with film to obtain a better effect. Manual tattooing is completed by wiping the eyebrow area with a special napkin.


Such procedures are undesirable not only during menstruation. There are a number of general contraindications:

  • high body temperature;
  • malaise;
  • poor blood clotting;
  • diabetes;
  • tendency to form keloids (scars);
  • skin problems in a specific area;
  • bronchial asthma;
  • postoperative period;
  • use of antibiotics;
  • skin diseases;
  • pregnancy;
  • breastfeeding period;
  • taking certain medications.

Weakened immunity during menstruation can worsen a woman’s well-being. And cosmetic intervention during this period will further aggravate the situation. Therefore, a good and experienced master will first consult the client to find out the possible reasons for transferring tattooing or completely refusing it.

Many of the salon procedures are not recommended to be performed during menstrual periods. Follow the link to find out if you can cut your hair during your period.

How does menstruation affect scab healing?

Although eyebrow or lip tattooing is considered a safe technique, professionals put it on the same level as surgery. During pigmentation, shallow punctures are made in the upper layer of the epidermis, and a coloring pigment is introduced. Then the crust heals, which lasts about 3-5 days. First, ichor oozes from the wounds, then it dries up, begins to peel off and fall off.

If there are contraindications or serious illnesses, the procedure is prohibited. The ban also applies to situations when a woman is pregnant or breastfeeding. During menstruation, you should also not sign up for a session if they are painful or profuse.

During this period, the female body is weakened and experiences hormonal changes. The level of immunity is noticeably reduced, which slows down the drying and healing of the crust.

Punctures during menstruation heal worse for the following reasons:

  1. Even if all the tools of the master are sterile, and he himself works in disposable gloves, the risk of infection still remains. Inflammation often appears due to improper care at home. The reason lies in a decrease in the level of leukocytes due to significant blood loss.
  2. The reduction in swelling slows down due to increased sensitivity of the skin and a decrease in the body's defenses during the menstrual cycle. Any wound takes longer to heal, especially if the girl feels very unwell and notices a deterioration in her health.
  3. The injected pigment is foreign to the body, so the cells will reject it as best they can. This will especially affect those women who, due to the onset of menstruation, will experience increased bleeding at the puncture sites. Mixing the pigment with blood causes it to become very light and reduces its durability.
  4. Inflammation and suppuration may begin at the puncture site. Antiseptic ointments can only be applied a certain number of times, so if the condition worsens, you will have to see a doctor for long-term treatment.

Whether or not to get a tattoo on such days is up to the client to decide. It is stupid to hide your well-being from a salon worker, because the quality of the final result, the clarity of the contour and shading of the paint directly depend on it. Sometimes micropigmentation is successful, but most often the outcome of the work cannot be predicted with accuracy. You may end up with a contour like the one in the photo below.

Reasons for refusing the procedure

Women who have undergone a similar procedure at least once do not need to explain why tattooing should not be done during menstruation. Beginners in this matter need to familiarize themselves with all possible complications and consequences.


At the beginning of the menstrual cycle, the body produces special substances. They force the uterus to contract vigorously in order to quickly remove the rejected endometrium. But prostaglandins overexcite nociceptors, which increases the sensitivity of the skin.

The pain is strongest when applied to the lips and areas near them, because this is where the largest number of receptors are noted. The sensations when working on eyebrows are more tolerable, but there were situations when clients lost consciousness during microblading due to menstruation. And anesthesia (gels, etc.) may be ineffective due to changes in hormonal levels during menstrual flow.

Risk of bleeding

The work occurs with damage to microvessels. With good blood clotting, a woman recovers faster after the pigment is introduced into the skin. With menstrual flow, the functioning of the hemostatic system worsens. And this negatively affects:

  • on the rate of skin healing;
  • on the quality of the specialist’s work result.

The result is irritation of the skin, crusts and unattractive dents after they fall off. And also, against the background of abundant blood in the affected areas, it will be more difficult for the master to draw an exact contour.

Probability of inflammation

Skin rashes are a consequence of clogged and inflamed pores. Before menstruation, progesterone predominates. This hormone causes increased production of not only subcutaneous fat, but also secretory fluid. Skin problems in the work area are a direct contraindication for tattooing both before menstruation and on any other day of the cycle.

Inflammation may also occur several days after the procedure. And the problem is not the technician’s mistakes, which can lead to infection. Even clean instruments and adherence to technology do not protect against subsequent penetration of bacteria through damage in the epidermis. The reason lies in a decrease in the volume of immune cells, which are not enough to provide protection.

Tattoo quality and allergies

It may not be possible to apply precise and beautiful makeup. The same goes for regular tattoos. At the beginning of the cycle, the lack of sex hormones directly affects how the body perceives paint. Several options are possible:

  • color too dull;
  • very bright shade;
  • uneven tattooing;
  • severe allergies.

The same goes for changing your hair color. According to hairdressers, you should not dye your hair during menstruation due to the risk of the listed shortcomings.

Probability of defects

Another reason not to get tattoos during menstruation or to refuse tattooing is increased swelling during menstrual periods. A large amount of fluid accumulates in the face area, and not just in the limbs. Therefore, the quality of makeup decreases, and the problem may manifest itself in the following:

  • asymmetry of arrows, eyebrows, lip contour;
  • unnatural nature of the tattoo;
  • unexpected shade;
  • uneven lines;
  • spotty coloring.

To eliminate defects, a repeat procedure will be required. But sometimes paint errors cannot be corrected.

Possible negative consequences

Before deciding to get a tattoo, you need to familiarize yourself with the possible complications. These include the following:

  • lack of effect from anesthesia;
  • the procedure is problematic due to blood discharge;
  • deterioration of health;
  • introduction of infection;
  • scar formation;
  • the appearance of an allergic reaction;
  • unpredictable result (asymmetry, uneven fixation of pigment).

During menstruation, physiological changes are observed in the female body. The structure of the epidermis becomes more loose. In addition to this, the amount of blood loss increases. Because of this, the pigment does not take root properly and over time acquires a blue or greenish tint. This causes the outline to blur or become too pale.

Important! If an allergic reaction occurs in the form of swelling and skin rashes, you should take antihistamines.

On what day of the cycle can you get a tattoo?

On various websites you can find reviews and comments in which specialists and ordinary users recommend postponing the application of the permanent until the middle of the cycle.

The most inappropriate period is 2-3 days before bleeding and the period itself.

If you get a tattoo on the right day, the damage will heal faster and the risk of inflammation and defects will be reduced. But girls need:

  • refuse to apply cosmetics in this area;
  • systematically soak the ichor with a clean napkin;
  • do not peel off the crust;
  • do not visit the solarium.

Any specialist will answer the same question whether it is possible to get a tattoo or apply permanent makeup during menstruation. The procedure is not prohibited, but it is worth weighing the pros and cons. Many artists do not advise getting tattoos during menstruation. There is no direct danger to health, but the state of the body and hormonal levels explain the need to refuse any such procedures. There is a risk of negative consequences, even if you follow all the recommendations of the specialist during the recovery period.

How to do eyebrow microblading

Some specialists visit the client’s home, but more often microblading is done in a salon. Preparation for the procedure is to ensure peace and improve blood circulation in those areas of the skin that are planned to be treated during the microblading process. To prepare you need:

  • 2 weeks before the procedure, stop dyeing and correcting (plucking) your eyebrows yourself;
  • give up solarium for a week, and also do not take blood-thinning and vasoconstrictor drugs;
  • the day before microblading, do not take substances that may affect the diameter of blood vessels. These include: nicotine, cola, alcohol, energy drinks, strong coffee and tea.

How is microblading performed?

First, the master, by substituting a new eyebrow shape in the photo, finds out together with the client what eyebrows are needed, what their desired size and color are.

As a rule, the eyebrow shade is made darker than the hair color for fair-haired girls, and for brunettes it is 1-2 shades lighter.

Usually, light brown, ash or wheat shades are chosen for fair-haired girls. For redheads, pigment similar to hair color is suitable, usually in various shades from copper to dark brown. Brunettes choose black and brown tones, but not pure black, which can later give a bluish tint.

After agreeing on the shape and color, the face is degreased with a special product. The eyebrow area is treated with a local anesthetic, for example Emla cream or any similar one, then the area is covered with cling film so that the anesthetic can freeze the nerve endings. After 20 minutes, remove everything and wipe the work area with a disinfectant.

Then the future shape of the eyebrows is drawn with a pencil in the right place, and excess hairs are removed. Next, the master draws hairs along the drawn contour and the general contour of the eyebrows with a special tool. The blade used to make micro-incisions is opened in front of the client. When making cuts, the cosmetologist can use a template or ruler to ensure that the lines are straight.

During the procedure, pigment is also applied using a manipulator - a special pen with a sterile disposable module. The module can contain from three to 114 needles, differing in width and configuration.

The entire time the procedure lasts, approximately 1.5 hours, the client needs to lie with his eyes half-closed. At the end of the correction, the remaining pigment is removed from the skin, the eyebrows and eyes are wiped with a disinfectant, and sprayed with a healing spray. During the work process, special color fixatives are used, without which the pigment will not be stable.

The cosmetologist combs the hairs, smears the eyebrows with a soothing agent, and gives recommendations for care. After such manipulations, it is necessary to maintain hygiene in the treatment area and follow the care instructions of the specialist.

Applying microblading to a previous eyebrow tattoo is only permissible if the eyebrow shape was not wide and the pigment has already faded or become noticeably paler. Otherwise, you will need to first remove the pigment from the deep layers of the skin with a laser.

You can evaluate the resulting result by color only after 3 weeks, when the wounds have completely healed. From 15 to 30 days, the master carries out a correction - applying additional hair strokes. Usually this manipulation is mandatory, but it is faster and less painful.

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