Hormonal drugs prescribed for uterine fibroids
Treatment of fibroids with hormones is one of the effective methods of conservative therapy. This is due to the identified relationship
Cervical cancer - diagram
Life expectancy for cervical tumors with metastases
What is known about the disease? Cervical cancer (ICD-10 code: C53) – epithelial malignant
Sunbathing with uterine fibroids
Is it possible to take sun and heat baths with uterine fibroids?
Home › Myoma Many women (according to statistics, almost 25%), especially in the summer, are interested in the question: can
A virgin girl came to the doctor to treat erosion
What symptoms are observed with cervical erosion and ectopia?
General information The essence of the disease is a pathological change in the tissues lining the cervix. Small erosions
Cervix - diagram
Cervical cancer stage 1 (a and b) - treatment and prognosis
Uterine cancer is a fairly common disease in which pathogenic cells destroy the endometrium. Mortality rate
Cervical carcinoma
What is keratinizing squamous cell carcinoma?
Cervical carcinoma Cervical carcinoma is a malignant disease characterized by lesions
Invasions in oncology
Tumor invasion - stages of cancer penetration into tissues
Cancer is one of the most terrible and at the same time common diseases. At
Classification of stages
Diagnosis and treatment methods for stage 2 uterine cancer
6296 0 Pathology is increasingly common not only in older women, but also
Esmiya - only fibroids are at gunpoint! How it works? - everything about diseases of the genital area, their diagnosis, operations, problems of infertility and pregnancy on MedNews.info
Esmiya - only fibroids are at gunpoint! How it works?
Representatives of the fair sex, in our time, are very often exposed to “female” problems that can negatively
pregnancy after removal of uterine fibroids
How long after uterine fibroid removal can you get pregnant?
For all women, the diagnosis of uterine fibroids is a shock. After all, many compare him with
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