Girl hygiene
Hygiene of a newborn girl: features of genital care
Bathing To bathe a newborn, you should stock up on a small plastic bath, a thermometer, and special baby soap without
Photo: What are the consequences of IVF for children?
A reproductive specialist explained the worst health indicators of children after IVF
The consequences of IVF for children conceived this way can be very diverse. After much research
Nagging pain in the lower abdomen after installing a pessary
How to live with a pessary? The gynecologist will definitely tell you what not to do after installing a pessary: ​​take
Is it possible to take a pregnancy test during menstruation?
Does it make sense to take a test on critical days? The operating principle of the test strip is based on the content
Does toxicosis during pregnancy affect the gender of the child?
After the test shows a double line and the gynecologist confirms the pregnancy, the woman begins to wonder:
Why did I get my period with two lines on the test? The test shows two lines but there is no pregnancy
Lack of menstruation is one of the first signs of pregnancy. The fact of conception is confirmed by a special
Cervix during pregnancy: what changes may occur?
External pharynx misses fingertip during pregnancy
Take the first step and make an appointment with your doctor! After a child is conceived in a woman's body
Asd for thrush for people how to use applications
Good day! My name is Khalisat Suleymanova - I am a herbalist. At 28 years old myself
camphor oil for face against wrinkles reviews
Camphor oil: reviews from doctors and patients, instructions for use
Using camphor oil at home. Until recently, camphor oil could be seen
Aloe extract liquid for injection - negative reviews. Neutral. Positive. + Leave a review Negative reviews Irina Aloe bought a pacifier from this company on February 22 at a pharmacy for 60 rubles,
Infertility is divided into two types: absolute and relative. The first occurs if
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