Causes, symptoms and treatment of mastopathy in women after 50 years
Mastopathy is the most common breast disease that is diagnosed in women of different ages.
Suporon. Tambukan candles, medicinal (urology, gynecology, proctology)
The most effective suppositories after cauterization of cervical erosion
The effectiveness of therapeutic therapy with drugs It is quite difficult to relieve the inflammatory process of the prostate with the help of pills or
Why menopause increases your risk of depression
Antidepressants for menopause: a sedative for nerves
Most women between the ages of 45 and 55 go through menopause.
No periods after Duphaston
Duphaston: reviews of the use of the drug for delayed menstruation
The effect of dydrogesterone on the menstrual cycle The doctor selects the dosage of Duphaston individually for each patient. Scheme
50 years old is a beautiful female age
How to quickly lose weight without dieting after 50 years at home: the best exercises, menu
How to really lose weight at 50? What diet do nutritionists recommend? How to stop weight gain
Basal temperature chart - methods of construction and interpretation
Basal temperature from ovulation to pregnancy
One of the most common methods for tracking ovulation or conception is to plot your basal temperature.
Oily skin during menopause and seven ways to deal with it
Skin care after menopause What cosmetics to use in adulthood During menopause
Causes of bloody discharge in older women
Causes of bleeding in women over 60 years of age Uterine bleeding is bloody discharge from the vagina,
The most common consequences of radiation therapy for breast cancer
The first radiation therapy session in history was performed on a woman with breast cancer.
Features of the use of HRT in menopause
Table and recommendations for menopausal hormone therapy
Menopause is a condition that all women experience when the end of reproductive function occurs.
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