Pathology detection
Why do cysts form in the fallopian tubes?
Not every woman is lucky enough to conceive a child immediately after stopping all contraceptives used.
Stomach and intestines hurt a lot during menstruation
Ladies are already accustomed to experiencing not only inconvenience, but also bad
Pharmacy preparations for the care of permanent eyebrow makeup
Permanent makeup during menstruation: pros and cons
Is it possible to do powder eyebrows while on your period? This question worries many women because
Tincture of water pepper for heavy periods: reviews, instructions
Pepper water extract doctor reviews All doctors are experts in our service. Doctors' documents have been verified.
woman waiting for her period
How to take Duphaston if your period is late: instructions and reviews from a gynecologist
Why are there no periods after Duphaston? It is not always possible to immediately and unambiguously answer this
Why does a woman's chest hurt?
How many days before menstruation does breast pain stop?
At the beginning of pregnancy, especially at 1 month, many changes occur in the body. Swelling, sensitivity
How long will it take to get your period after a medical abortion?
Heavy periods after medical termination of pregnancy
The onset of menstruation after a medical abortion depends on numerous factors. For the complete restoration of a weakened body
I get my period for 2 months in a row. Why do my periods come twice a month?
The female body is a complex and at the same time unique system, which in many ways
menstruation after conception
Menstruation after conception - is this possible and what could be the reason?
Da!Zachatie Site about pregnancy, from planning to the birth of a child Popular How many follicles
Discharge of white fluid in men when urinating
Discharge during urination may be a natural reaction of the body to changes in hormonal levels or may be
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