2 types of polyps in the uterus
Treatment of cervical polyps with folk remedies - effective recipes for oral administration and douching
Polyps on the cervix are formed due to the proliferation of mucous epithelium that lines the uterine cavity
Intimate hygiene of a newborn girl
If a child at 2 years old has thrush on the labia
Intimate hygiene of a newborn girl - in the first few days after birth, care
Discharge after childbirth is clear and snot-like
The period from the moment of puberty of a girl until the extinction of reproductive function is necessarily accompanied by secretion from
Lymph nodes of the breast
Breast cancer metastases: likelihood of their formation and prognosis
Tumor size: T = Tumor, tumor with the letter T combined with numbers and letters
Ruptures after childbirth - degrees, consequences, treatment
Often during childbirth, ruptures of the perineum, vagina or uterus occur - the situation is unpleasant, but
Diagnosis of pain in the lower abdomen by a specialist
Pain in the lower abdomen and lower back due to cervical erosion
Diagnosis of pain in the lower abdomen by a specialist A routine examination by a gynecologist is carried out at least once
Radio wave treatment of cervical erosion
Cauterizing erosion with radio waves - what do you need to know?
When cervical ectopia is detected, doctors choose one of the tactics - they begin to treat with medications
Is it possible to take Utrozhestan for fibroids?
Insidious fibroids In the last 10 years, gynecologists with uterine fibroids, even when pregnancy occurs,
What kind of discharge after IVF is normal?
Ovulation. Signs and symptoms. Ovulation stimulation
The success rate after the first IVF attempt is 35–42%. Approximate probability 1 in 3,
Chronic bilateral salpingoophoritis, what is it: is it possible to get pregnant?
Salpingoophoritis, or adnexitis, is an inflammatory process in the ovaries, fallopian tubes or uterus.
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