Treatment of uterine fibroids with drugs
Treatment of uterine fibroids with medications: from hormones to vitamins
Benign uterine tumors occur in 20-40% of women of reproductive age. It is a common indication for
Subserous fibroid
Subserous uterine fibroids: photos, signs, sizes, treatment, surgery
Why is subserous uterine fibroid dangerous? A benign tumor of the muscle cells of the uterus is one of the
Squamous cell keratinizing cancer of the cervix
Squamous cell carcinoma or carcinoma of the cervix is ​​a tumor that develops from the epithelium lining
Uterine fibroids - signs and causes
Many women have heard the diagnosis fibromatosis more than once. What it is? Fibromatosis is
cervical erosion diagram
Cervical erosion was discovered: what is it, what does it look like in the photo, its symptoms and complications + reviews from women
Cervical erosion is manifested by dysfunction and destruction of the upper layer of the epithelium, which can be seen
Treatment and recommendations
Cyst and uterine fibroids symptoms. Symptoms of uterine fibroids and ovarian cysts
What is fibroid? Uterine fibroid is a pathology of the reproductive system, which is characterized by the formation and
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