Why is a girl angry during her period? Why are girls so nervous during their periods? The menstrual cycle and accompanying changes

Opinion of the stronger half

According to social surveys, men's opinions are divided depending on age.
Until the age of 35, most of them (about 30%) do not like this period, since it prevents them from enjoying sex with their beloved. They spoke especially negatively about the critical days that they found the girls on joint trips or on weekends. As for more mature men, they were more likely to rejoice at the opportunity to take a break from the burden of fulfilling marital duties and calmly enjoy communication with friends. However, there are also those (about 20%) who prefer to use this time for variety in bed. Young people also quite like this option. However, among them there were only 15% who use this time to rest from sex.

There is an opinion that the same way men treat women’s periods, so do they treat their fair half. As psychologists have proven, it is fundamentally wrong. The fact is that not all men are sexually relaxed and can speak calmly on this topic. Raised somewhat in puritanical families, they either do not think about menstruation at all, or avoid this topic, temporarily distancing themselves from girls. Don't take it personally! Due to personal disgust or too wild imagination, they may simply exaggerate the whole process.

Some guys also noted that they are afraid of the approach of menstruation due to female PMS. These days, in their opinion, other halves become too eccentric and aggressive, which further drives them into a dead end and causes negative associations with the natural process in the female body.

In general, not even all girls accept menstruation calmly. They think they smell bad, so they regularly run to the shower. It is also common to change several pads a day to avoid “embarrassment.” What can we say about men, for whom this topic has been taboo for many years. Also, some of them quite deliberately use menstruation as a reason to avoid sex.

If a couple does not have disagreements on this basis, then there is no point in thinking about it. Problems can arise only when one of the sexual partners is too active sexually, and the second does not like experiments in bed.

When a girl has her period, what should a guy do?

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For both partners, first sex is exciting. Young people are encouraged to have their first sexual relationship not only by physiological need, but also by social pressure. Being a virgin is unfashionable in modern society. Many films and television programs are aimed at cultivating an easy-going and relaxed attitude towards sex. Constant competition, to be no worse than others, sometimes become the reason for the first sexual intercourse.

But before you learn the mystery of sex, you have to face a number of problems. The first one is to find a place. Many teenagers live with their parents, and inviting them home for a romantic dinner with continuation will not work. Therefore, sex often takes place for the first time in unconventional places. The second problem is who to lose your virginity with. It's good if you have tender feelings for your first partner. But basically, the first sexual intercourse occurs with a person you just met at a party under the influence of alcohol. Finally, the teenager is faced with another problem - technology. They learn about how everything happens from their peers or from pornographic films. But when it comes to practice, there is a fear of failure. It is difficult for a girl to relax, and a man may lose his erection due to excessive excitement or end sexual intercourse prematurely. What other problems you may encounter, and how to make your first sex memorable, you will learn from this article.

Sexual debut for a man

For a man, the first experience of sexual relations is accompanied by the fear of premature ejaculation and lack of erection. A bad experience can haunt a man for the rest of his life and remain a psychological shock, which will affect a man’s future life.

Men have a more active role in intimate life. Therefore, their concern about sexual abilities is higher compared to girls. Although the role of the partner is no less important. If she is attentive and tactful during the first sexual contact, the young man will not have to face numerous complexes in the future. Psychological impotence requires an experienced specialist and is sometimes incurable.

Recommendations for a young man:

  1. Prepare yourself psychologically. Men have two prevailing attitudes: success or embarrassment. They are fraught with psychological trauma in the future. The main thing is to approach the process objectively. Yes, difficulties are possible, you won’t necessarily be able to boast about your first experience, but everyone goes through this. This is fine. Don't think about stereotypes, but focus on feelings.
  2. Choose a place for a date. It is advisable that this be a familiar environment for you. Create a romantic atmosphere. You can start with dinner, turn on suitable music and move on to foreplay.
  3. Find a partner. It is important that there be friendly relations between you, and even better - love. In this case, she accepts you with your shortcomings and advantages.
  4. Be honest with her. Before engaging in sexual intercourse, be honest about your inexperience. The first experience may be accompanied by premature ejaculation. She must be prepared for such an opportunity and show loyalty.
  5. Try not to be disturbed by anything - neither unexpected guests, nor phone calls from friends.
  6. Foreplay is important! Preliminary caresses will help you tune in to the right atmosphere and relieve fears.

We must not forget that unprotected sexual intercourse, no matter what it is, can lead to sexually transmitted diseases or pregnancy. Therefore, use condoms.

What to avoid:

  1. Alcohol. Everything needs moderation. A glass of wine, of course, relieves tension, but the first sexual contact while intoxicated will not be unforgettable.
  2. Don't turn to prostitutes for help. You can get not experience, but a “bouquet” of sexually transmitted diseases. Moreover, for a man’s self-esteem it is much more important to find an approach to the girl who interests him.

Following simple recommendations will help you leave good memories of your first intimacy.

Sexy debut for a girl

A woman's first intimacy with a man can occur at different ages. A big role is given to the man. Her attitude towards intimate life depends on how he treats his partner. If a man is rude, psychological trauma will remain.

To make the problems of first sex less pronounced, follow the recommendations:

  • Forget about fear. The main role is given to the emotional mood and desire. It depends on them whether sexual intercourse will be painless. And fear dulls sexual desire, causing the vaginal muscles to contract more tightly. Therefore, a girl’s first intimacy may be accompanied by pain. Need to relax. Sometimes a girl may feel mild, short-term pain. The reason for this lies in physiological characteristics.
  • Take a break. Subsequent sexual intercourse is not accompanied by pain. But the body needs time to recover. The healing time of the virgin pleura varies from person to person. But usually the body needs 5 days.
  • Violation of the integrity of the virgin pleura does not necessarily occur at once. If there is pain or discomfort, you can pause and then resume the process. After each attempt, the hole in the virgin pleura increases.
  • Using a condom. Defloration is, although minor, an injury. To protect yourself from infections and unwanted pregnancy, use a condom.
  • Consultation with a gynecologist. Be sure to make an appointment with a gynecologist to rule out genital damage and infection.

First sex: problems

The first experience of intimacy is exciting for both partners. Each of them faces their own fears and problems.


  • premature ejaculation;
  • lack of erection;
  • fear of being rejected;
  • partner's ridicule.


  • pain during defloration;
  • psychological trauma;
  • lack of orgasm;
  • fear of body imperfection;
  • fear of looking inexperienced.

After the first sexual intercourse, an awkward situation arises - to choose: to leave or to stay. Many women perceive their partner's departure as a sign of cooling feelings. It is important not to remain silent, but to speak openly about what you don’t like. If any of the positions make you feel uncomfortable, admit it to your partner. You need to talk about your desires if you want them to come true.

Problems after first sex

If the recommendations are not followed, girls may face a number of problems:

  1. Pregnancy. Conception can occur during the first sexual intercourse. Even if a girl has not yet started her period, she may ovulate. A mature egg is capable of fertilization. If sexual intercourse occurs at this moment and sperm enters the vagina, the chances of becoming a young mother are high.
  2. Injury to the genital mucosa. This problem is faced by teenagers who had sexual intercourse before the age of 16. The genitals have not yet fully formed. Sex can provoke microtraumas that lead to the development of inflammation. If a man was harsh during a girl’s loss of virginity, vaginal ruptures and cervical injuries are possible.
  3. Psychological aspects. The first sexual experience remains in memory forever. If your partner was inattentive, you may develop a negative attitude towards sex in the future.

For a man, the first experience can also cause psychological trauma, especially if it was unsuccessful. Therefore, it is important that the girl shows tolerance and supports her partner. Ridicule may in the future lead to a negative attitude towards sex and the female sex, and psychological impotence may develop.

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Is it necessary for love?

The reason why you decided to have your first sexual experience may vary. But when sex happened out of mutual sympathy, even if it was accompanied by failure, the partners will not lose tenderness for each other. Lack of spiritual intimacy can cause feelings of dissatisfaction and emptiness even after successful sex. Therefore, if there is such an opportunity, it is better that the first sexual experience occurs for love. In this case, both partners will have pleasant memories, without the risk of psychological trauma.

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Options for how not to become a vixen and not scare off a man

Yes, men can be impressionable no less than women. To ensure that there are as few problems as possible in a couple, there are several key tips:

  • No need to show off your period. For example, many men feel feverish at the sight of a bloody pad or tampon. And in general, such an intimate item does not look beautiful. It is better to additionally wrap the hygiene product in toilet paper and throw it away.
  • If a man is even afraid to hear about “periods,” you can come up with humorous names , as they used to do at school. For example, “red days of the calendar”, “monsters have come”, etc. This will make it easier for them to react to the situation without unnecessary moral discomfort.
  • For the most complex, the option of sleeping in separate rooms is suitable. It is worth noting that if a girl suffers from severe pain, sleeps poorly at night, and is afraid of “leaks,” then she will also like this option. There is no need to make a tragedy out of this. Some couples even deliberately practice sleeping separately. This way they rest peacefully, without suffering from snoring or a tight blanket, and they also say that this is what helps them maintain passionate relationships.
  • It is necessary to reduce the level of manifestation of premenstrual syndrome as much as possible. After all, it even depends on how guys feel about a girl’s period. For example, you can drink a light sedative, add mint tea to your diet, walk more in the fresh air and take a contrast shower, not forgetting about proper sleep and rest. But it is better to give up strong tea, alcoholic drinks and coffee 2 - 3 days before critical days.
  • You can practice new types of sex. For example, oral, anal (although all this is extremely undesirable due to possible consequences). The ideal option is to simply caress each other. After all, “discharge” can be obtained without penetration into the vagina.

Watch the video about premenstrual syndrome:

Menstrual cycle: when to expect trouble?

So, you already know that your menstrual cycle includes five phases: menstrual, follicular, ovulation phase, corpus luteum (progesterone) phase and premenstrual phase. These are periods of hormonal changes in the body, along with which your overall well-being changes. Knowing the characteristics of your body, you can prepare for the most unfavorable periods.

Irritability before menstruation: how to cope and what to do?

Of course, not everyone is lucky enough to have an understanding spouse who can alleviate nervous conditions and overcome irritability during menstruation, protect them from “female” troubles and avoid tearfulness.

How to help yourself? First of all, you need to learn to live with it, as, for example, people with diabetes live. They adapt, they just have a different way of life.

Those who have a bad mood during PMS need to take into account:

  • Every woman and girl knows the time when her mood swings begin, so plan all important matters and decision-making for other days of the cycle. You won’t be able to plan completely, but you will be able to complete some important tasks, avoiding possible conflicts with loved ones and others.
  • Admit to yourself (if you haven't already) that your period affects your mood. Tell someone you trust about this. Support won't hurt. A person will always be understanding and, perhaps, will take on some of the worries during “this time.” And you just relax.
  • To overcome fatigue and reduce the severity of symptoms of your upcoming period for a long period, sign up for a fitness class. Training is an excellent opportunity to take out aggression on soulless hardware, get a boost of energy and positive emotions, and normalize metabolic processes. Regular exercise promotes the release of “joy” hormones. In tandem with proper nutrition, this will help cope with bad mood before menstruation. In addition, muscle exercise helps get rid of fluid retention in the body.
  • Remove “evil” foods from your diet: salt, caffeine, spicy seasonings, pickles and smoked meats. Before your period, eat foods high in phytoestrogens: legumes and soy products, meat, fish, milk, flax seeds, red grapes.
  • Make an effort to talk to family members. First, they have the right to know what usually happens to you every month. Secondly, you have the right to their understanding and support.
  • There are no pills for a good mood before menstruation. There is dark chocolate containing the “happiness hormone” - serotonin and lemon balm, which relieves irritability.

"Shift" in phase

Your menstrual cycle is formed with the help of two types of sex hormones - estrogen and progesterone. Increased secretion of estrogen begins after menstruation (menstrual phase) and lasts on average 8-10 days. During this time, the next female reproductive cell, the follicle, matures. This phase of the menstrual cycle is called follicular (it ends at the moment when ovulation occurs).

The ovulation phase does not last long while the egg moves through the fallopian tubes. At the site of the burst follicle, where the egg “lived,” the so-called corpus luteum (corpus luteum phase) is formed, which produces the hormone progesterone in preparation for a possible pregnancy. The average duration of progesterone production is about 10 days. If fertilization does not occur, the corpus luteum is destroyed, the production of hormones decreases, which leads to a deterioration in the general condition. This is the premenstrual phase, which lasts on average 3-4 days. Then comes menstruation.

Self-control, calm and understanding during PMS

In addition to following the above-mentioned methods, to completely overcome irritability and other negative symptoms during this difficult period, you must learn to control your emotions. Remember that no problems are worth your nerves and tears. Realize for yourself the fact that every day should be lived with joy, and not with negativity and irritation.

Get understanding from your loved ones and share your state of mind with them. Ask your husband for help with household chores, try to avoid conflict situations and get plenty of rest. Be healthy and take care of yourself!

For many women, premenstrual syndrome is an unbearable period during which the thought arises that they would start menstruation sooner. The reason for this is not just a deterioration in well-being before menstruation, but irritability, bad mood, in some cases, aggressiveness and rage, which are not so easy to cope with on your own.

Moreover, with age, women who have them note an increase in their intensity - they become more pronounced.

  • Irritability during PMS. How to fight?
  • What should men do?
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