How to use Otri 6000 oil in gynecology. Ozonated olive oil is the secret to well-groomed skin

The pharmaceutical market annually offers the buyer hundreds of new health products. Gradually, these innovative products are replacing old, time-tested medications. In fact, very often problems that arise can be solved using long-known means. For example, such as ichthyol, boromenthol ointment, as well as Vishnevsky’s liniment balm. These ointments have been used to treat various diseases of the skin and soft tissues for many years. In addition, few people know that Vishnevsky ointment has always been used very actively in gynecology. It is about this remedy, or more precisely about its possible benefits in the treatment of female diseases, that will be discussed in this article.

Causes of the disease

Myomatosis can develop due to many factors. The most common:

  • damaged uterine walls as a result of abortion, use of poor quality contraceptive devices;
  • STI;
  • gynecological pathologies;
  • destabilization of hormonal levels;
  • excess weight;
  • frequent stress.

All these factors can trigger the appearance and growth of fibroids in the uterus. It is important to correctly determine the cause and begin treatment on time.

Forms of the disease

Doctors distinguish several forms of nodular benign formations in the uterus:

  1. Submucosal - nodules are located in the muscles of the uterus, under the mucosa, the direction of growth is towards the organ cavity. It is characterized by long periods, with large blood loss, and an abundance of blood clots.
  2. Subperitoneal - the tumor is located under the outer layer of the organ, and its growth is directed into the abdominal cavity. The simplest form of uterine leiomyoma, which can pass without symptoms.
  3. Intramural - the nodes are located deep in the myometrial layer of the uterus. It is characterized by very painful menstruation, and spotting between them.

Tumor size

If the fibroid is small and grows intensively, then it can be cured using traditional methods. Herbal decoctions and tinctures have anti-inflammatory, analgesic and hemostatic effects.

With the help of home treatment, a woman can get rid of the unpleasant symptoms of uterine fibroids and cure it.

When the tumor is large, home medicine cannot completely cure it. Large fibroids should be treated by a doctor, and folk remedies will help stop their development and help reduce in size.

Beneficial properties of aromatherapy

Oils can be combined in different proportions to achieve maximum effect.

Aromatherapy has a very wide range of effects. With this approach, essential oils are used - volatile oily aromatic mixtures. Herbal remedies can be used as an auxiliary treatment when taking a course of medication. They have the following properties:

  • antiseptic;
  • antibacterial;
  • painkillers;
  • anti-inflammatory;
  • diuretics;
  • calming;
  • disinfectants;
  • bactericidal.

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Symptoms and signs of pathology

Signs of fibroids vary. Depends on the stage of the tumor, its size and location. And also from the presence of other chronic and acute pathologies.

Often, a woman finds out about fibroids by accident, and the disease is asymptomatic. But usually the symptoms of fibroids are as follows:

  1. Unpleasant pain in the uterus during and between menstrual bleeding, radiating to the lower back or perineum. Painful sensations may be similar to those experienced during menstruation or severe cramps.
  2. Irregular cycle. Increase, decrease in cycle, spotting between menstruation.
  3. Infertility. A tumor prevents the penetration of male germ cells into the uterus, or prevents the release of an egg.
  4. The belly is growing. A rapidly growing tumor causes an increase in abdominal volume, while the woman’s weight does not change.
  5. Severe pain after exercise or nervous stress.
  6. Difficulty going to the toilet. Constipation, pain during urination, or difficulty passing urine appear.
  7. Anemia. Due to severe blood loss during menstruation, patients suffer from anemia and its accompanying symptoms. Weakness, increased fatigue, dizziness.

If you find some of these signs, you should not ignore them. The earlier a tumor is detected, the faster and more successful the treatment will be.


To prevent the development of a uterine tumor, it is recommended:

  • get rid of bad habits;
  • exercise regularly;
  • be checked by a gynecologist every six months;
  • breastfeed;
  • avoid stress and overload.

In folk medicine, to prevent fibroids, it is recommended to douche with herbal decoctions at least once a month, drink vegetable juices and vitamins.

Essential oils for cystitis

To combat cystitis, you can prepare mixtures either independently or buy ready-made ones in specialized pharmacies. When preparing it yourself, remember that they should be diluted to a consistency of 1% in boiled cool water, so as not to cause harm to the body. Oils recommended for cystitis:

Bergamot oil can be used to treat the disease.

  • bergamot;
  • lavender;
  • chamomile;
  • pine trees;
  • eucalyptus;
  • tea tree;
  • rosemary;
  • thyme.

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Methods of application

Essential oil can be used for baths, compresses, washing and massage. It can relieve inflammation and pain. Before use, it must be pre-tested so as not to cause irritation to the skin or damage to the mucous membranes and respiratory tract. For the test, take 1 ml of base oil (for example, olive) and mix with 1 drop of essential oil. Then apply it to your wrist and observe the skin reaction throughout the day. In case of redness, itching, rashes and inflammation, its use is contraindicated.

  1. Baths. Add 5-6 drops of essential oils to the required amount of warm boiled water. Mix thoroughly and take a bath for 10-15 minutes, 2-3 times a day. Water can be replaced with milk or kefir. The recommended temperature of the liquid is about 38° C. The baths are used strictly after an exacerbation of the disease.
  2. Compresses. To prepare compresses, use warm water, gauze and a few drops of a mixture of oils. The procedure takes 15-20 minutes. This is a fairly effective method of warming up the bladder.
  3. Massage. The massage is carried out for 10-20 minutes with the addition of essential oils. This method effectively helps to get rid of pain and relieve tension in the bladder area.

If an acute form of the disease occurs, especially with bleeding, you should immediately consult a doctor.

How to cure uterine fibroids using folk remedies

Traditional treatment for fibroids has more than a hundred recipes. Collected from all over Russia. Treatment methods at home:

  • internal - taking decoctions, tinctures, juice mixtures;
  • external - tampons, ointments and poultices.

Folk remedies for treating fibroids will help you quickly get rid of the tumor without resorting to surgery. All recipes are easy to make at home. Doctors recommend recipes that have helped women get rid of fibroids at an early stage or speed up recovery and avoid surgery.

Potato juice

Potato therapy for fibroids is one of the most effective in alternative medicine. It heals wounds, relieves inflammation, and relieves pain. In addition, it strengthens the body's defenses and activates metabolism. To obtain juice, you need to choose smooth, whole, young potato tubers with a pink tint. You cannot use stale vegetables, as solanine accumulates in them. Wash the tubers thoroughly and remove the peel with a brush.

Pass through a fine grater or chop the potato tubers in a food processor. Squeeze the juice from the resulting mixture. As an alternative, you can use a juicer to extract juice. It will be faster this way. Drink 100 ml of freshly squeezed juice daily for 12 weeks. If there is a need to repeat the treatment, this should be done after three months.

You can also douche with potato juice for fibroids. To prepare the solution, combine the juice of potatoes, carrots and celery in equal parts. Not only potato tubers are healing, but also their flowers. It is better to use flowers collected from the bush in the morning. Dry the flowers and grind them into powder. Decoction recipe: for 15 grams of powder, half a liter of boiling water. Cover with a lid and keep for about 120 minutes without exposing the container to light. Take 1 tbsp. morning, afternoon and evening. The duration of therapy is 30 days.

Fish fat

Traditional recipes I advise using fish oil for tampons or compresses for uterine fibroids. For a compress you need to melt a small amount of fat and a piece of cotton wool.

Secure the cotton wool to the lower abdomen with a bandage. Wind two or three more of the same layers. Apply the compress daily for three to four hours. For vaginal tampons, you need to take fish oil and natural liquid honey. Combine in equal proportions. It’s good to soak a ball of cotton wool in the solution and leave the tampon on overnight. The duration of therapy is 8 weeks.

Goose fat

Tampons with goose fat are excellent against fibroids. The recipe is simple:

  • melt 50 gr. fat;
  • add calendula flower powder – 10 g;
  • to stir thoroughly;
  • place on low heat and keep for half an hour;
  • cool;
  • drain the broth.

Make gauze swabs. Place in the vagina during sleep. The course of treatment is 10 nights. Then pause for 10 days and resume treatment. Repeat three times.


People use walnut partitions to get rid of uterine fibroids.

Recipe for tincture of pine nuts for fibroids: for thirty grams of crushed partitions, 250 ml of alcohol. Leave for two weeks in a dark, dry place. After that, squeeze the juice out of the nut mass and pass it through a bandage. Take 1 tsp. three times a day half an hour before meals. Drink plenty of tea and water. The substances that make up the partitions normalize female hormonal levels.


Shilajit will help stop tumor growth in the initial stages. Treatment must be comprehensive. Therapy is used with douching, tampons, and taking mumiyo solution.

  1. For the syringe: Dissolve three grams of natural mummy in half a glass of water. Douche with the solution every evening.
  2. For tampons: Soak a small piece of cotton wool rolled into a tampon with a similar solution. Place the tampon in the vagina overnight.
  3. Inside. Dilute forty grams of mumiyo in a glass of warm water. Drink the mixture for ten days. In the morning and in the evening. Then take a break for five days and resume the course again.

Maryin root

Women's ailments are well treated by marin root. Herbal tincture and decoction are used. The herb is sold in a pharmacy, already prepared. How to prepare the tincture: For 50 grams of roots, 500 ml of alcohol. Keep in a dark, dry place for two weeks. Dosage - 5 ml. three times a day. Within a month.

After two weeks, repeat the treatment. Take several courses until the tumor completely resolves. How to make a decoction. For 1 tsp. chopped roots 400 ml. boiling water Leave for half an hour covered. Drink 20 ml. morning, afternoon and evening half an hour before meals.

Health effects

Due to its low molecular weight, ozone has a strong infiltration effect on cells and tissues, is able to quickly penetrate the subcutaneous tissue, and kill various pathogenic microorganisms, bacteria, and viruses.

Skin infections

Ozonated olive oil can be used to treat a number of skin conditions, including: inflammation, dermatitis, seborrhea. In addition, the useful product can treat bacterial infections, including:

  • Ulcers on the legs.
  • Fungal infections.
  • Herpes.
  • Inflammation of the gums.
  • Inflamed insect bites.

Ozone therapy is used to prevent secondary infections resulting from postoperative wound healing.


The action of ozone in oil activates enzymes involved in the destruction of excess peroxides and oxygen radicals (glutathione peroxidase, catalase, superoxide dismutase), increasing the effect of other antioxidants. During oxidative stress, peroxides formed in mitochondria disrupt cellular respiration

. Under the influence of ozone, intracellular respiration is regulated. It is important that these processes are balanced. Ozone is just that balancing element.

Ozonated oil affects oxygen metabolism through several mechanisms:

  • Improving blood flow properties.
  • Increased amount of glycosides in red blood cells.
  • Activation of enzymes that neutralize peroxide and oxygen radicals.
  • Oxidative decarboxylation of pyruvate.
  • Activation of mitochondrial respiratory chains.

There is no other pharmacologically active substance that is so simple and has such a complex effect on blood circulation.

Systemic infections

Ozone destroys bacteria, viruses, fungi, disrupting the structure of the walls of their shells. DNA or RNA binding then occurs. In some cases, the mechanism of action of ozonated oil is also explained by damage to polypeptide chains and shell proteins. This can lead to the adhesive ability of the virus, splitting the DNA into two parts.

Consequently, there is a significant impact on the ability of the virus to replicate. This effect is so significant that there are studies demonstrating the effect of ozone, including that contained in oil, on HIV. Ozone at lower concentrations is toxic to infectious microbes, but not to humans.

Other Health Benefits

Ozonated olive oil can be used to calm the nerves and reduce pain associated with skin problems. In addition, it is suitable for removing makeup due to the improvement of cellular functions. The following possible uses are as a natural deodorant, a remedy for treating hemorrhoids, and reducing the appearance of cellulite.

Important properties of ozone:

  • Dissolves in the blood 10 times more than oxygen
    . It is able to bind to red blood cells and plasma, therefore reaching beyond the blood vessels, thereby improving blood circulation in the periphery of the body (important, for example, in peripheral arterial disease, diabetic neuropathy, diabetic foot, which may lead to the need for amputation of the affected limb) .
  • Acts as an "antibiotic" against a number of pathogens
    . This property can be used for repeated infections of a body weakened by another serious disease.
  • The big advantage is the conservation of energy in the affected area
    . This action is applicable for any type of physical and mental exhaustion, recovery after chemotherapy, stroke, etc.

Large fibroids

Without surgery, folk remedies cannot completely cope with large fibroids. Complex therapy is needed here. And home treatment gives a good auxiliary effect. Doctors recommend potato juice, herbal decoction tampons, propolis and mumiyo as the most effective remedies against fibroids.

Before using traditional recipes, be sure to consult a gynecologist and undergo diagnostics to accurately determine the size of the tumor and its type. This way, the treatment will be more successful.

Absolute contraindications for traditional therapy options

It is not always advisable to use folk remedies in the treatment of uterine fibroids. There are pathologies in which doctors strictly prohibit non-traditional methods of treatment. For what diseases can fibroids not be treated with folk remedies?

  • diabetes mellitus;
  • acute and chronic gastritis;
  • intestinal diseases.

These pathologies do not always manifest themselves immediately. Therefore, before treating fibroids with unconventional methods, consult your doctor.

Local procedures

To make the result of herbal treatment more effective, it is recommended to supplement it with local treatment. That is, tampons, poultices and douches based on herbal ingredients. The composition of the solutions can be different, it all depends on what effect is needed. For example, burdock and horse sorrel have an antitumor effect. Relieves pain - ordinary chamomile.

To make a poultice, use onions (baked), turnips, corn porridge or pearl barley. The substances retain heat as much as possible and promote better absorption of medicinal substances. Poultice recipe: 3 tbsp per glass of boiled pearl barley. herbal decoction. (for example, chamomile). Stir well until smooth. Fold the mixture into a piece of bandage or natural cotton fabric. Apply a warm poultice to the lower abdomen. Repeat treatment for a week.

Tampons are made from the same herbal decoctions or various mixtures. For example, onions and honey. Recipe: grate the onion on a fine grater. Add a tablespoon of honey. Insist for a day. To make the effect stronger. Make a tampon from gauze with gruel and place it in the vagina overnight. The course of treatment is 2 weeks.

Bottom line

The end product of ozone destruction by pathogenic microorganisms is oxygen, available to cells and tissues. It promotes wound healing, cell restoration, accelerates blood circulation, and improves the body's immune function. And according to Chinese folk medicine, it regulates the balance of Yin and Yang.

Due to the higher peroxide and acid numbers, this drug has a pronounced anti-inflammatory effect and has unsurpassed bactericidal, antiviral and fungicidal properties.

In order to quickly stop inflammatory processes, you should use the drug OTRI® 12000, which has more powerful bactericidal and antiviral properties. It should also be used to treat fungal diseases and other pathological processes in intact areas of the skin. Oil applications for the treatment of onychomycosis are carried out in long courses (2 - 3 months). In case of increased skin sensitivity, when applying the drug to damaged areas and mucous membranes, to stimulate reparative processes, it is recommended to use a drug with a lower acid number - OTRI® 6000.

Indications for the use of drugs from the OTRI ® series:

herpes, genital warts, eczema, atopic dermatitis, pyoderma, candidiasis, fungal diseases of the skin and nails, furunculosis, balanoposthitis, colpitis, kraurosis of the vulva, urethritis and prostatitis, wounds (including sluggish healing), bedsores, trophic ulcers, burns, hemorrhoids, fissures of the anus, nipples, feet, stomatitis, gingivitis, conjunctivitis, acute inflammatory diseases of the ear, throat, nose, etc.


for daily use - in a cool, dark place. Long-term storage - in the refrigerator at + 4°C. Thickened oil can be “defrosted” in warm (up to 40°C) water. Shelf life when stored in the refrigerator is 2 years.

We do not guarantee the safety of the product properties during transportation at temperatures above 25 degrees!

Ozonated oil is widely used in various branches of medicine, as well as in cosmetology. It has a huge range of medicinal properties, but ozone oil is most valued due to its pronounced anti-inflammatory, bactericidal, antifungal, antiviral and anti-allergic effects.

Ozonated oil comes in high and low concentrations. Depending on the goals of treatment, it is chosen which type of ozone oil should be used by the patient. Highly concentrated oil has bactericidal properties, while low-concentrated oil has wound healing and restorative properties.

Ozonated oil products exert their healing effects over a long period of time, unlike gaseous ozone, which has an immediate bactericidal effect. Ozone can be retained in oil at a given concentration for up to 2 years without decaying, provided it is stored correctly.

At the Neo Skin medical center you can take advantage of the unique capabilities of ozone oil in the treatment of eliminating a number of cosmetic problems and treating many diseases!

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