Urological pads for men how to use video

For urinary incontinence in men, you can use special urinary pads to keep the skin dry.

Among the benefits of hygiene products:

  • good absorbency;
  • elasticity;
  • softness;
  • neutralization of odors;
  • hypoallergenic.

The product is characterized by its small thickness, tight fit, and reliable protection against leakage. The pads do not restrict movement, are comfortable to use, do not cause allergies, and do not irritate the skin and mucous membranes. Products tested by dermatologists.

The top layer is made of soft fabric and quickly absorbs liquid. The inner one is made of superabsorbent and turns liquid into gel and retains moisture and unpleasant odors inside. The outer layer has a breathable effect and is made of waterproof material.

The range of urological pads for men is quite wide, so there is no problem finding where to buy the products.

Features of gasket structure

The top layer of the product comes into contact with the skin, and urine passes through it. The inside of urological inserts for men is filled with a material that has adsorbing properties, which ensures reliable absorption of moisture and prevents the spread of unpleasant odors. The outer breathable layer of the product is made of waterproof material, which provides additional protection against leakage.

How to choose urological pads for men?

When wondering how to choose the right men's sanitary pads, you need to pay attention to the following qualities:

  • breathable surface with a good level of absorbency;
  • the elasticity of the materials used, allowing it to take the shape of the body;
  • soft surface that does not irritate the skin (preferably hypoallergenic);
  • ability to neutralize unpleasant odors;
  • the small thickness of the product allows you to hide it under clothing;
  • reliable adhesive surface.

A product is well selected if it has all of the above characteristics and does not cause discomfort when worn. These panty liners for men are an excellent alternative to bulky diapers.

Each manufacturer offers urological inserts in a variety of sizes, which you need to select in accordance with your own indicators. This is important so that the products do not create inconvenience when walking and are not noticeable to others.

Basic qualities and purpose of hygiene products

High-quality pads for men should be:

  • elastic - this allows the product to take a shape that will be as comfortable as possible for the body;
  • soft;
  • thin;
  • breathable;
  • hypoallergenic.

In addition, such products should effectively neutralize unpleasant odors. It is important that the product has special adhesive strips that allow it to be securely attached to the laundry.

Urological inserts for men are used in the presence of pathologies that are accompanied by urinary incontinence. There are various models that can be used for varying degrees of severity of the disorder. When choosing a product, it is also necessary to take into account the patient’s lifestyle, daily activity and physical activity.

Hygiene products are effective for mild to moderate incontinence, as well as in cases where urine is excreted in droplets. If the volume of fluid released is large, it is recommended to use special diapers for adults.

Urological pads for men - main parameters and what to look for when choosing

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Urological pads for men - the main parameters and what to look for when choosing
Urological pads for men are special modern hygiene products designed to ensure comfort, cleanliness and dryness of the skin, protecting against skin damage and infection.

Important qualities of pharmaceutical urological pads for men:

  • softness of the surface of the product adjacent to the skin;
  • elasticity and the ability to take a convenient shape for the body (anatomical);
  • high level of absorbent qualities;
  • ability to neutralize unpleasant odors;
  • hypoallergenic and thin.

Pads for men are used for diseases accompanied by urinary incontinence, and various modifications are made depending on the severity of the disease and the lifestyle the patient leads (active, with physical and sports activities, or with mandatory bed rest).

What causes incontinence?

In men, urinary incontinence can be a consequence of stroke, Alzheimer's disease, kidney problems (for example, urolithiasis), prostate enlargement, and also in old age.

Pads are used for mild urination disorders, after surgical operations, and also in the care of bedridden patients.

What problems do urological pads solve?

Pads are used for drip urinary incontinence, as well as for mild and moderate degrees of this phenomenon. Severe disease with large urine output requires the use of diapers.

The advantage of urological pads is that they practically do not restrict movement, but guarantee protection from fluid leakage onto outer clothing, comfort and self-confidence.

Urological pads Abena Abri Light

The advantage of these medical products is the presence of special adhesive strips that reliably attach the pads to the underwear.

The pads are also distinguished by the presence of a “breathable” layer, thanks to which the pad is almost not felt on the body.

But do not forget that there is a need for consultation with a doctor and effective treatment!

How to choose urological pads

When choosing urological pads, depending on the severity of the patient’s condition, you can choose hygiene products of different sizes and varying degrees of absorption.

The pads do not cause allergic reactions or irritation of the skin and mucous membranes, which is confirmed by studies by dermatologists.

The gaskets have a three-layer structure:

  1. the top layer is adjacent to the surface of the body and absorbs liquid;
  2. the inner layer, consisting of high-quality absorbent material, has moisture-retaining properties and also eliminates the smell of discharge;
  3. The outer layer is made of waterproof material with breathable properties and reliably protects outerwear.

Pads for men are thin, they fit snugly to the body, do not squeeze, squeeze, or overheat the genitals, so they do not cause discomfort and are not noticeable under regular-sized clothing.

Instructions for putting on men's urological pads

The correct size and shape of the pad allows you to get used to this indispensable product and not experience discomfort.

At the same time, there are different pads for different patients. Pads for male patients are available in the form of rectangular-shaped products (“pockets”) and V-shaped ones.

Rectangular shape

Pads for men most often have a rectangular shape (like a small pocket).

They are firmly attached to underwear with an adhesive layer and are suitable for mild to moderate urinary incontinence. The rectangular shape protects against leakage and does not put pressure on the genitals.

*Please also note:

  • Diapers for the elderly
  • Disposable diapers for adults

V shape

V-shaped pads are also attached to the underwear using an adhesive strip and fit well to the body, taking an anatomical shape. They are used for increased protection.

Absorbency and odor neutralization

Urological pads Hartmann Moliform Premium Plus

The composition of the inner layer of the gaskets guarantees protection against the penetration and spread of bacteria and pathogens of infectious diseases, and also effectively blocks the smell of urine.

Effect on skin

Pads for men are soft and elastic, they do not put pressure on the skin and do not cause discomfort.

They are made from hypoallergenic non-fabric materials with high hygroscopic properties.

Basic (Denmark)

It produces inserts for men with absorbent volumes of 450 and 700 ml, measuring 23x29 cm in packs of 14 pieces of two models: Abri-Man Formula 1 and Abri-Man Formula 2.

Hartmann (Germany)

It produces pads for men, Molimed for Men, sizes 13x15 cm and 34x18 cm in packs of 14 pieces of two types with different degrees of absorbency.

Seni (Poland)

It produces urological pads, which are distinguished by a high degree of hygroscopicity and the adsorbing properties of the inner layer of superabsorbene; they are also “breathable”, due to which they contribute to the healing of damage to the skin.

Urological pads Seni

They also prevent the skin from sweating and prevent the occurrence of diaper rash, skin irritation in active patients and bedsores in bedridden patients.

Seni offers urological inserts for men in sizes:

  • 37x69 cm;
  • 32x62.5 cm;
  • 21.5x28 cm;
  • 9x40 cm.

In packs of 15, 20 and 30 pieces.

SizeAbsorbencySize(cm)Number of pieces in a unit pack.Pack quantity in the transport unit.
Active 21.5 x 15/8.5 20 10
Normal 28 x 21.5/7.5 15 8
Extra 28 x 21.5/7.5 15 12
Super 40 x 9 20 6

Tena (Sweden)

Offers inserts in sizes 16x20 cm, 18x23.5 cm for different volumes of absorbed liquid in packages of 16, 20, 24 pieces.

Urological pads Tena Comfort Mini

The gaskets from this company have a convenient cap shape that absolutely eliminates leakage.


Pads for men provide comfort and convenience for an active lifestyle, as well as quality care for bedridden patients.

Such hygiene products are a condition for a man’s good emotional and physical condition, help improve his well-being, and support his performance.

Of course, using pads, men become more confident and feel comfortable.

Video: Putting on Seni Man Normal and Extra urological inserts

Tips for choosing

When choosing a product, it is important to take into account the patient’s condition and the volume of fluid released. The pads should be comfortable and thin, invisible under clothing, and fit pleasantly to the body without causing discomfort.

Urological inserts for men can be rectangular, similar to a pocket. Thanks to the adhesive layer, they are securely held on the laundry. Such devices will be effective if incontinence is mild or moderate.

There are also V-shaped products. They are also attached with adhesive tape, but are designed for large volumes of liquid.

Hygienic products from different manufacturers can be purchased in pharmacies and stores, or ordered online.

Types and classification of products

Lv. Pads for women are no different in design from sanitary pads intended for menstrual flow, but have a wider adhesive strip to secure the product and additional protection against leakage.

Such pads differ from each other in thickness and shape, which is directly proportional to the degree of their absorption. Each manufacturer always classifies products and develops a line specifically for its brand, however, some patterns in the classification can still be identified.

Among all types of ur. Gaskets can be divided into three large groups depending on the degree of absorption (maximum volume of absorbed liquid):

  1. 1Ultrathin urological feminine pads are practically no different in appearance from daily sanitary pads and are designed to absorb no more than 80 ml of urine. These types of pads are suitable for drip incontinence, for example, stress urinary incontinence. This line is usually called Micro or Ultramini (1 drop).
  2. 2Thin - similar in appearance to sanitary pads for use during menstruation and are designed for a total absorption of no more than 300 ml of liquid. Urine absorption occurs quickly, and the thickness of this group of pads ranges from 3 to 5 mm. These pads should be chosen for mild to mild to moderate incontinence. Names of subtle levels. pads include the words Mini, Midi, Normal (2 to 3 drops).
  3. 3Large pads absorb significant volumes of liquid (up to 900 ml) and are suitable for severe forms of incontinence. The average thickness of such a gasket is about 13 mm. The design necessarily contains auxiliary elements to protect against leakage. The line is usually called Extra, Super, Plus, Maxi (4-6 drops). The Tena brand of pads has a slightly expanded product line, and it includes pads with maximum absorbency - Super (7 drops).

Urological inserts Seni Man

Seni brand products are very popular. The products absorb moisture and unpleasant odors well, holding them securely inside and are pleasant to the touch. Thanks to the breathable outer layer, they protect against skin irritation and diaper rash. They have a wide adhesive strip, with which they are securely fixed to the laundry. Inserts are used for mild to moderate incontinence. For men leading an active lifestyle, Seni Man Super pads are suitable.

If the problem is severe, earbuds are indispensable. In this case, it is better to use Seni diapers. They have an elastic fixation belt that fastens at the waist, while the hips are open.

The manufacturer also offers disposable panties for active people with varying degrees of moisture absorption.

MoliMed pads

MoliMed pads, thanks to their anatomical shape, are comfortable to use. Non-woven materials with hypoallergenic properties are used in production, which prevents skin irritation. The upper breathable layer of the product has antimicrobial properties, and reliable protection against leaks and unpleasant odors is provided by a three-layer absorbent pad.

There are models with varying degrees of liquid absorption. Pads can also be used for bedridden patients, replacing diapers.

What to do to relieve symptoms?

Changes in lifestyle and nutrition are often enough to control the process of urinary incontinence:

  • Drink less strong tea and coffee, and drink natural juices and milk,
  • stop drinking alcohol immediately,
  • do not eat citrus fruits, chocolate, tomatoes, vinegar, spices - foods that irritate the bladder,
  • go swimming, do exercises, move more,
  • sleep 7-8 hours a day,
  • give up cigarettes,
  • You shouldn’t drink a lot of liquid before going to bed,
  • get rid of excess weight.

For a speedy cure for any disease, it is necessary to make a correct diagnosis. If you notice heaviness in the lower abdomen, go to the toilet often, or cannot hold urine when coughing or laughing, consult a doctor immediately. Only experienced specialists know how to treat incontinence in men. The most important thing is to contact a urologist in time to avoid serious problems in the future.

For urinary incontinence in men, you can use special urinary pads to keep the skin dry.

Among the benefits of hygiene products:

  • good absorbency;
  • elasticity;
  • softness;
  • neutralization of odors;
  • hypoallergenic.

The product is characterized by its small thickness, tight fit, and reliable protection against leakage. The pads do not restrict movement, are comfortable to use, do not cause allergies, and do not irritate the skin and mucous membranes. Products tested by dermatologists.

The top layer is made of soft fabric and quickly absorbs liquid. The inner one is made of superabsorbent and turns liquid into gel and retains moisture and unpleasant odors inside. The outer layer has a breathable effect and is made of waterproof material.

The range of urological pads for men is quite wide, so there is no problem finding where to buy the products.

Urological pads Abena

Abena anatomically shaped products are designed for physically active men. The liquid, when absorbed, is converted into a gel, which is reliable protection against leakage. The pads are made from environmentally friendly, hypoallergenic materials and are dermatologically tested. They vary in size and degree of moisture absorption. They have sides that provide additional protection. Soft and pleasant to the skin, do not cause discomfort during use.

Manufacturers of men's pads

Urological pads for men Seni

Polish products of the Seni brand are popular. The pads have good absorbency. The inner layer quickly absorbs liquid and holds it securely inside. Seni products are breathable, the skin does not overheat and is not damaged. Available in packs of 15, 20 and 30 pieces.

Urological pads for men MoliMed

A well-known manufacturer of urinary incontinence products is Hartmann, which offers a series of Molimed pads. Thanks to the special composition of the filler, the products protect the skin from bacteria and neutralize odor well. The pads do not compress the skin and have a soft, breathable top layer. They are made of non-woven materials characterized by hypoallergenic properties.

Urological pads for men Tena

The Swedish manufacturer Tena offers high quality urological inserts for men.

The shape of the cap prevents leakage. Products are designed for different absorption volumes. Products are sold in packs of 10 and 12 pieces.

The pads provide comfort to people leading an active lifestyle and to bedridden patients.

Urological pads for men Abena

The Abri-Man series of pads from the Danish manufacturer Abena allows men suffering from urinary incontinence to lead an active lifestyle. The products have an anatomical shape taking into account the characteristics of the male body. By absorbing liquid, they turn it into a gel, holding it securely inside along with the smell. An innovative fast absorption system is used in production. All materials are environmentally friendly and do not cause allergies.

Descriptions and sizes

Name Description, size Absorbency, ml
Small anatomically shaped products, 9x18 cm
Abri-Man Slipguard They have increased absorbency and a special oblong shape, provide 100% protection against leaks, 9x40 cm
Abri-Man Formula 1 Anatomical shape, pocket-shaped sides along the entire length, reliable fixation using adhesive strips, 23x29 cm More than 450 ml
Abri-Man Formula 2 More than 700 ml
Abri-Man Special Long products, with instant moisture absorption system, additional absorption in the front part, 37x37 cm More than 2800 ml

Hygienic products allow men to feel dignified even with such a delicate problem. A person, knowing about reliable protection, can work and be comfortable in society.

The problem of urinary incontinence and uncontrolled urination is very common in urology. It is more familiar to ladies, but representatives of the stronger sex also encounter it.

Urological pads for men are special hygiene products designed according to anatomical shapes and modern technological standards.

They are easy to use, give a feeling of dryness and comfort, and also reliably protect against unpleasant external manifestations of pathology. Another important factor is the advantage of such products: antibacterial impregnation. Why is it needed? It helps protect the genitals from bacteria and infections.

Men's urological pads have a number of positive qualities that provide ease of use. These include:

  • soft top layer that contacts the skin;
  • anatomical shape of the product, exactly corresponding to the structure of the body;
  • increased level of liquid absorption;
  • neutralization of unpleasant odors;
  • hypoallergenic properties;
  • small thickness.

All these parameters make it possible to use urological accessories every day without fear for the health and condition of the intimate area.

Unlike feminine hygiene products, urological ones are able to absorb a larger volume of liquid and do it several times faster.

The use of sanitary pads for adult men is recommended for diseases that are characterized by urinary incontinence. These men's hygiene products come in several types, differing in size and level of absorption, which allows you to choose the most optimal products.

The products are designed for representatives of the stronger sex with any activity in life - both for athletes and for those who are forced to remain bedridden.

There are many reasons that cause urinary incontinence. The use of pads for men allows you to solve those problems caused by a mild degree of this pathology. Most often they are prescribed after surgical operations or for bedridden patients to facilitate their care.

If the uncontrolled discharge of their urinary canal is abundant, urological products cannot cope with the situation, the use of diapers that are capable of absorbing large volumes of liquid will be required.

The use of daily absorbent pads for men is recommended for urine leakage. Such products are not felt under clothing, do not hinder movement, and at the same time guarantee complete protection against leaks to the outside.

Reliable fixation and a soft top layer help make such daily care as comfortable and convenient as possible. In order for the pads to fully meet the patient’s needs, they should be selected together with the attending physician - a urologist.

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