Changes in the menstrual cycle after loss of virginity

The first sexual contact is an important step in the life of every representative of the fairer sex. It is necessary to approach it with all responsibility so that only positive moments remain in your memory. Often, defloration occurs long after a girl’s menstrual cycle has stabilized, but after it, sometimes disruptions occur.

There are many reasons for the development of this condition, ranging from possible pregnancy to a psychological barrier or the development of gynecological diseases. Let's take a closer look at why your period is delayed after the first time, what this may indicate, and how to correct the current situation.


Modern teenagers look at intimacy a little differently than their parents. However, with all this, the first sexual experience is undoubtedly one of the most important events in the life of every person. Even if a girl is mentally prepared to lose her virginity, it will still be something new for her body.

It often happens that there is a delay after the first time. This is due to the fact that a previously established physiological process undergoes changes. Accordingly, a stressful situation occurs for the body, to which it needs time to adapt. The absence of menstruation on a set day can be explained by several reasons, which we will consider in more detail.

If there is a delay in menstruation after the first act, then first of all it is necessary to consider the possibility of hormonal imbalance. In most cases, defloration is accompanied by pain and slight bleeding, which is caused by a violation of the integrity of the hymen, which is penetrated by nerve endings and blood vessels.

Since every girl knows what she will have to go through, she awaits this moment with some fear and apprehension. Against this background, the functioning of the central nervous system is disrupted, and thyroid dysfunction can also be observed. If there is not sufficient production of the necessary sex hormones, then after the first sex, menstruation is delayed.

The next reason why regulations may not come is pregnancy. Often, inexperienced teenagers who do not have sufficient experience in intimate life neglect the rules of protection, or simply do not know how to use contraceptives.

Uncontrolled ejaculation is highly likely to lead to fertilization of the egg. In such a combination of circumstances, after the first time, a delay in menstruation is due to pregnancy. Initially, to confirm or refute it, you need to do a regular pharmacy test, or donate blood for hCG.

After sex, a delay in menstruation can occur due to the presence of certain individual characteristics of the body's development. It often happens that girls enter into intimate intimacy for the first time when their cycle has not yet completely stabilized. Therefore, the absence of regula is sometimes associated with processes that occur in the pituitary gland, ovaries, and endometrial layer.

After the first intimacy, the size and shape of the vagina changes. Source:

A delay after first sex sometimes occurs due to physiological changes. If you delve into the anatomy, you can find out that after the first intimate relationship, when the penis penetrates the vagina, it changes the size of the reproductive organ. A certain stretching and lengthening of the muscle fibers occurs, and the area covered by the mucous membrane increases.

After the first sex, a delay in menstruation also occurs because the biocenosis in the vagina changes. That is, its microflora is populated by microorganisms obtained from a sexual partner. Bacteria do not have to be pathogenic or disease-causing, but the girl’s body must adapt to their presence.

Menstruation may not come after defloration due to a sexually transmitted infection. Of course, many of them can be gotten rid of with timely drug therapy, but pathogenic microorganisms will definitely negatively affect the functioning of the reproductive organs, causing a delay in regulation.


Since there is a positive answer to the question whether there can be a delay in menstruation after the first time, it is necessary to understand not only the reasons for the development of such a condition, but also under the influence of what changes in the body it occurs. It is important to understand that the nature of the discharge will definitely change, but in the future it should be restored.

A delay in menstruation after loss of virginity, which has a direct connection with a hormonal imbalance, will cause the regulation that will occur in the next cycle to be meager. This is due to a decrease in the secretion of estrogen, and as a consequence, a decrease in their concentration in the blood.

After defloration, the first periods may be scanty. Source:

It is this substance that regulates the duration and onset of menstrual bleeding. It is not difficult to understand that estrogens also affect the endometrium, which is excreted through the uterus during menstruation. At a low level of their content, incomplete rejection of the existing layer will occur. Subsequently, this state stabilizes.

It often happens that when after the first sex her period begins, a girl notices an increase in the level of pain. This condition is due to the fact that during defloration there was a stretching of the vaginal muscles, and there could also be a violation of the integrity or tearing of the connective tissues that are located at its vestibule.

Since the lubricating secretion could be produced in insufficient quantities, the vaginal mucosa could be damaged during the friction process. Since there are nerve endings on this layer, menstruation can be accompanied by pain, especially if there was a short period of time between them and the first sexual intercourse, and the microtraumas have not yet healed.

When will they start

Many girls wonder how long the delay in menstruation lasts after the first time. It is worth noting that the first sexual experience provokes the onset of various changes in the reproductive system. Against this background, the likelihood of developing various gynecological problems increases.

Given this fact, girls who have just begun to be sexually active are advised to more carefully monitor their menstruation, as well as the timing of its onset. This is due to the fact that any delay can cause both pregnancy and the development of serious diseases.

The normal delay of menstruation after the first act, how long it lasts, is what girls are especially interested in. Do not worry about your health if the discharge does not come within a few days to 3-4 weeks from the expected date. When the normal timing is over, we can say that the regulation is delayed for the second cycle.

To control the regularity of your periods, you can keep a calendar. Source:

This is a definite reason for a visit to the gynecologist, which from now on should become regular, at least once a year, in the absence of diseases. Some girls note that their periods came earlier after the first time.

This situation also occurs. In this case, it is not worth considering the likelihood of developing any pathological condition; most likely, this is a consequence of a hormonal imbalance.

If your period starts earlier after the first time, it is important to determine whether it is regular discharge or bleeding that can occur if the vagina is damaged. In this case, the color of the discharge will be pronounced brown, and a painful syndrome will also be present. In such a situation, it is recommended to consult a doctor as soon as possible.

Normal or not?

Some disturbances in the usual “schedule” may indeed occur; a similar tendency occurs in gynecological practice. However, a delay or any other irregularity in the menstrual cycle is influenced not by the fact of deflowering itself, but by the emotional experiences and excitement that girls experience before the upcoming event and at the moment of the action itself.

Fear and excitement before the first sexual intercourse has a tremendous impact on the psyche of the fair sex. For men, the moment of losing virginity is not as important as for women, and the psychological stability of the weaker sex is more susceptible to all sorts of “adjustments” caused by environmental factors.

If you were very worried about this, somehow prepared yourself emotionally and constantly replayed the situation in your head, then it is quite natural that the stressful situation affected the body in a similar way. You may have observed something similar before: you were worried about school, a relationship with a boyfriend, or a quarrel with your parents, and the body’s reaction will not take long to appear, and your periods will begin very late. Gynecologists claim that among their patients there were young girls whose menstrual cycle was radically disrupted due to the stress they experienced before their first sex.

20 days is far from the maximum delay period, and the girls’ anxiety in such situations is completely justified. Moreover, if for some the body reacts to the stress before losing virginity by delaying menstruation, for others, on the contrary, menstruation may begin prematurely. Some people are very surprised to discover similar “surprises” the day after their first sex, which leads them into a state of wild horror and excitement. Quite often, spotting appears on your underwear (both immediately after sex and the next day), which indicates that the hymen is broken. Blood in this case indicates a violation of the integrity not of the hymen itself, but of the blood vessels that pass through it. This is also possible, so you shouldn’t be scared, but you need to stop worrying, worrying and “winding up” yourself.


When wondering whether your period might be delayed after the first time, and also when you personally encounter such a situation, you need to know if there are any ways to get your period to start. It’s worth saying right away that before taking any measures, it is still better to consult a gynecologist and not self-medicate.

In folk medicine, there are several proven recipes that will help restore hormonal levels:

  • You need to take 4 tablespoons of quinoa and lovage, three tablespoons of tansy and oregano, as well as one tablespoon of wormwood, mix all this into one collection. Next, take three tablespoons of medicinal plants and pour three liters of boiling water over them, cover with a lid and let it brew for half an hour.
  • Take 2 tablespoons of oregano and clover, and also add one tablespoon of calendula; they also add three tablespoons of celery, lemon balm and calamus root. All components are mixed and three tablespoons of plants are taken from them, poured with one liter of boiling water and left for half an hour.
  • Take 10 grams of oregano, pour a glass of boiling water over it and leave to steep for half an hour.

Regardless of which decoction you choose for use, you need to drink one and a half glasses during the day, divided into three doses. Just a few days after such treatment, you will notice that menstrual bleeding has begun as usual. However, it is worth remembering that you can use medicinal herbs only if you are sure that there is no pregnancy.

It is worth understanding that a delay after the onset of sexual activity is not always associated with fertilization or any pathology. This condition can be called normal for an organism that has experienced stress associated with the first intimate contact. However, if there are any deviations, you must immediately visit a doctor who will tell you how to solve this or that problem.

Doctors' opinion

Both situations are the exception rather than the rule. The opinion of gynecologists on this matter still boils down to the fact that menstruation should occur on time, and deflowering should not have an impact on this fact. The fact is that the body’s reaction to stress is very individual, so one cannot say for sure: “You were nervous before your first sexual intercourse, which means that your period will definitely be delayed.” This statement is fundamentally incorrect and cannot be considered as the norm.

In any case, it is recommended to undergo an examination by a gynecologist who will examine you for disorders and possible complications. This is rather a precautionary measure that will help dispel all unrest and bring clarity to what is happening.

I remind you of the need to use contraception, which will help not only avoid unwanted pregnancy, but also protect against all kinds of sexually transmitted infections. You can get pregnant even during your first sexual intercourse, and the fact of conception, of course, affects the regularity of the menstrual cycle.

Question: Can there be a delay in menstruation after losing one's virginity?

The site provides reference information for informational purposes only. Diagnosis and treatment of diseases must be carried out under the supervision of a specialist. All drugs have contraindications. Consultation with a specialist is required!

Can menstruation be delayed after losing virginity?

Deflowering (defloration) is a full-fledged sexual act during which the male penis penetrates the vagina of a girl or woman for the first time. When the penis penetrates the vagina, the hymen (hymen) breaks, which covers the entrance to the vagina and is a thin piece of skin. It is the breaking of the hymen that represents the essence of the concept of “deprivation of virginity.” Otherwise, the first sexual intercourse in a woman’s life is no different from all subsequent ones.

After losing your virginity, a delay in menstruation can actually develop. Moreover, there are two main reasons for the delay - pregnancy or a powerful psycho-emotional impact and the impression of the first sexual intercourse. That is why, in order to accurately answer the question: “Why did a delay in menstruation develop after deprivation of virginity?”, it is necessary to know the nature of sexual intercourse.

— — After losing virginity, how many days can menstruation last? What is the probability of pregnancy?

There are still 10 days until my period, but I can’t judge by it, my cycle is inconsistent, there are delays due to constant stress and poor nutrition. MedCollege replies: August 4, 22:52, 2014 Please indicate the average duration of your period. menstrual cycle, which will allow us to calculate the probable interval of conception of a child (ovulation phase). Considering the circumstances you described, the likelihood of pregnancy is minimal in your case. You can find out more detailed information on this issue in the corresponding section of our website by clicking on the following link: Probability of getting pregnant and in the series of articles: Signs of pregnancy.

In this case, when deflowering, there is no blood or pain. IS THERE A LOT OF BLOOD AT YOUR FIRST SEX? Doctors recommend refraining from abuse

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