Hair removal during menstruation: is it possible to carry out the procedure and how best to do it

Epilation is a necessary procedure for almost every woman. And many people wonder whether this procedure can be done during menstruation, especially for modern methods of hair removal, such as laser or photoepilation, as well as methods that cause severe pain: waxing or sugaring.

Cosmetologists and doctors do not recommend removing unwanted hair during menstruation, or a few days before it. There are no serious medical contraindications to hair removal procedures, however, during this period, a woman’s pain threshold most often decreases, and her skin becomes much more sensitive than on ordinary days. This is due to hormonal surges that accompany the entire period of menstruation.

Each woman decides for herself when to do hair removal. But if you are going for the procedure during your period, be prepared for the pain to be severe, especially when removing hair with wax or sugaring.

Difficulties in epilation

Menstruation itself is an unpleasant process that cannot go unnoticed. Some women don’t even have to think about whether to postpone a visit to the salon or not, since poor health alone forces them to stay at home. However, this does not apply to everyone, because many can lead their usual lifestyle without changing their plans. If at this time a woman decides to undergo hair removal, she should familiarize herself with the possible difficulties :

  1. Due to the increased sensitivity of pain receptors, the process will be quite unpleasant .
  2. Against the backdrop of an unstable emotional state, the procedure will provoke a surge of negative experiences, which can lead to disruptions in the functioning of the body , an increase in the volume of discharge and disruption of the cycle .
  3. Low blood pressure during menstrual periods and pain from hair removal can lead to loss of consciousness, nausea and dizziness .
  4. An increase in the synthesis of sebaceous glands increases the risk of pustules and irritation at the site of the procedure .

Precautionary measures

Laser hair removal of a deep bikini during menstruation is not a contraindication. There are some circumstances in which this is permitted. All circumstances are clarified with the master. It is undesirable to fight hair if you have chronic, inflammatory diseases. Besides:

  1. The pain will be more severe.
  2. If a woman’s pain threshold is too low, it is advisable to use anesthetics first.
  3. If there is no special need, epilation of a deep bikini during menstruation is excluded.
  4. After the procedure, it is important to follow the aftercare recommendations.
  5. Don't ignore the advice on using moisturizer.
  6. Mechanical irritation of the skin is prohibited.
  7. To prevent the inflammatory process, you need to carefully monitor hygiene.

It is important to understand that hair removal should only be done by an experienced specialist. The procedure is not allowed at home.

Antiseptic and anesthetic agents must be purchased at a specialized place, for example, a pharmacy. Likewise, creams should only be used from trusted manufacturers. It is advisable to keep your female period schedule so that you always know when it is better to go to the beauty studio.

Where is it better to do it: in the salon or at home?

Having finally decided that there is no need to postpone the procedure until the end of menstruation, it’s time to think about the following question: where to carry it out? There are several options: sign up for a session with a specialist or, after purchasing the necessary materials, get rid of the vegetation yourself. As a result, a woman will have to make a choice, and the positive and negative sides of each option presented below will help in making a decision.

A visit to the salon is first and foremost a guarantee of quality . Especially if you have the opportunity to read reviews about the salon, and also have recommendations about a specific specialist. A qualified cosmetologist will do everything faster , less painfully and using high-quality materials , and then give some tips on caring for the area being epilated. Before the session, a woman should inform the specialist that she is having her period, especially if she plans to treat the bikini area, because then the procedure will be more accurate. Some salons also offer a service to call a technician to your home . In this case, when treating the intimate area, the lady will be less embarrassed to expose herself in front of a stranger, and she will not have to waste time on the road.

How to prepare for bikini sugaring during your period

The effectiveness and safety of hair removal in the deep bikini area largely depends on how well you prepared for it:

  • choose a suitable hygiene product;
  • agreed on important issues with the master in advance;
  • took care of pain relief (if necessary).

What hygiene products should you use?

If you decide to have a deep bikini procedure and on that day you have started or are starting your period, it is recommended to use a tampon. In this case, this will be the most hygienic method.

What should be agreed upon with the master

Be sure to agree with the master:

  • will he undertake to perform the procedure on “women’s” days;
  • Do I need to take a disposable diaper/sheet with me?
  • Is it possible to use disposable panties for sugaring (for treating the bikini area);
  • Can you rely on anesthesia or take care of it yourself?

Pain relief before the procedure

You can

take a painkiller tablet in advance or
treat the epilated areas with a cream/gel/ointment with an anesthetic effect
immediately before the procedure.

Recommendations before hair removal on critical days

To make the visit to the salon comfortable, the hair removal process less painful, and to avoid any negative consequences after it, a woman needs to be well prepared:

  1. Warn the cosmetologist to carry out the procedure with greater caution.
  2. An hour before the session, take a pain reliever and possibly a sedative .
  3. When working with the bikini area, use a tampon .
  4. Before leaving the house, take a shower using antibacterial gel , which is already familiar to the girl and will not cause skin irritation.
  5. If possible, it is recommended to visit the salon on the third day of menstruation . Then the process will not be so painful, there will be less discharge, and the girl’s general condition will improve.
  6. It would be useful to use an anesthetic containing lidocaine. It can be either a cream or a spray.

After following the recommendations, the procedure will not differ from what would be carried out on a normal day.

Is it possible to do epilation or depilation during menstruation?

Women are divided into two categories: first, they do not see anything dangerous in hair removal; the second considers hair removal a threat to the body. To clarify the issue, it is worth considering each method of getting rid of vegetation separately.

  1. Classic shaving is the best method of creating smooth skin during menstrual periods; it is approved by cosmetologists and doctors. The blades will quickly and painlessly remove hairs, albeit for a short period of time.
  2. Sugaring during menstruation is also not prohibited, but you need to be prepared for unpleasant sensations and possible inflammation. You should carefully prepare the skin for the procedure and take care of antiseptics. Some msters do not undertake the procedure in the deep bikini area during menstruation. Others suggest using a tampon to make the procedure hygienic.
  3. You should not do depilation during menstruation with wax; it causes discomfort even at normal times, and during menstruation the sensations intensify.
  4. Cosmetologists do not recommend performing most hardware hair removal procedures during menstruation. It is better to adjust your visit to the salon to your menstrual cycle. Lasers and other devices can cause health problems. However, the final decision should be made after an individual conversation with a specialist.

Thus, the main arguments why hair removal should not be done during menstruation are severe pain and the risk of skin inflammation. If the girl is ready to be patient and follow the necessary rules, then removal of vegetation is possible even during this period of the menstrual cycle.

Alternative options

It also happens that there is no desire to spend time and effort on hair removal, certain medications are contraindicated, or they simply do not help. For such cases, there are painless ways to remove hair without destroying the hair follicle. These include:

  1. Depilatory cream. It is necessary to apply to the treated area of ​​skin, and after 20 minutes remove with the spatula that is included in the kit. Next, the remaining cream and hair are washed off with warm water, and if necessary, a moisturizer is applied. This option is also suitable for the intimate area. The main thing is to apply the cream so that it does not get on the mucous membrane, as this can cause irritation.
  2. Razor. This method is more relevant for removing hair from smooth areas of the body. The skin in intimate areas is already too sensitive, and during menstruation the likelihood of infection through microcuts increases. But if your experience with a razor allows it, then there is nothing to be afraid of.

The best time for depilation: recommendations

  1. When planning depilation, you need to take into account that the phase of the menstrual cycle can affect the pain of the procedure. You should remove hairs no earlier than 3–4 days of menstruation, that is, in the first phase of the menstrual cycle. Usually by this time the pain has dulled a little. An exacerbation of pain usually occurs 2-3 days before the start of menstruation and 2-3 days after it.
  2. Deep bikini depilation during menstruation is carried out as a last resort in compliance with all hygiene rules. After the procedure, it is necessary to treat the skin with antiseptics and natural creams.
  3. A few days before menstruation, changes begin to occur in the body that worsen the results of hair removal. But in the first week of the menstrual cycle, there is a slowdown in hair growth after the procedures. This is another reason to wait a little for a more favorable time.

When will the procedure be more successful?

The correct time for the procedure is 1-3 days after the bleeding has stopped. At this time, pain sensitivity is not particularly high, and it is likely that the entire process will be painless. Also at this time all side effects are reduced to a minimum. But this does not negate high-quality processing and personal hygiene.

If laser hair removal is planned, then critical days are far from the best period for this. It is also better to forget about the period of 5-7 days before the expected start date of the critical days.

We must not forget about preparation. The day before the procedure, all vegetation should be removed. It is better to do this with a depilatory cream or razor. You cannot use sugar paste or a mixture with wax, or an epilator for the procedure. It is better to wash the skin before the session, but do not use any detergents or cosmetics.

Nature helps you make choices

Not every woman decides to remove excess hair from her body during menstruation. First of all, critical days are accompanied by constant or periodic pain in the lower abdomen. Few people want to increase painful sensations.

In addition, these days ladies experience moral discomfort, especially when it comes to intimate places.

Here nature itself gives us a hint. Numerous observations indicate that hairs will grow much slower if they are removed on the thirteenth or fourteenth day of the menstrual cycle.

The next visit to the salon can be postponed to a later date. This will relieve unnecessary pain and stress.

Advice. If you still decide to get rid of excess hair during menstruation, wait at least the third or fourth day. By this time the pain has dulled.

You can use special products to reduce pain

Types of hair removal

The main types of hair removal include:

  • laser hair removal;
  • photoepilation;
  • electrolysis;
  • sugaring;
  • wax epilation.

Laser hair removal is carried out over several months. The master determines the schedule of procedures and the duration of intervals during which the girl’s skin is not subject to intervention. The advantage of this method is that it has no contraindications and is quite easily tolerated. Despite this, cosmetologists do not recommend laser hair removal during menstruation, since during this period the female body is most vulnerable to external factors.

During photoepilation, excess hairs are removed by radiation, and the level of its intensity depends on the treated area. A characteristic feature of the procedure is that the removal tool has individual settings for each client - this ensures maximum efficiency.

Electrolysis is considered the most modern and widespread method of getting rid of unwanted hairs. The positive effect of this type of hair removal is present after several sessions. The disadvantage of electrolysis is its duration - this is due to the fact that the effect of the electroepilator is aimed at each individual hair, so the procedure takes a lot of time. This method is prohibited during menstruation, since the master acts on the skin using a special needle. During critical days, the skin becomes more vulnerable, so it is not recommended to further injure it.

Sugaring refers to a procedure during which the master removes excess hair with a special sugar paste. The mixture is applied to the area from which hairs need to be removed, rubbed thoroughly, and then sharply torn off along with the hair. Menstruation is not a contraindication for this technique, but it is recommended to inform the specialist about your critical days.

Waxing is performed quite rarely, as the method is considered painful. Exposure to wax during menstrual periods is strictly prohibited, since pain can significantly worsen and cause serious complications.


Nobody forbids you to go for laser hair removal while you are on your period, but many cosmetologists do not recommend doing this. These are the days when the risk of infection increases significantly. The sensitivity of the skin increases, and the procedure will seem terribly painful to you. If there is a “deadly” need to epilate any area, even the bikini, you can find a way out. The main thing is to maintain hygiene, choose a good painkiller, thoroughly disinfect the epidermis and carry out the procedure under sterile conditions.

Someone is crying, someone is jumping...

“Special days” in the lives of women of reproductive age are not the same for everyone. Someone is singing and dancing at this moment, barely noticing what is happening. And some climb walls in pain and run to pharmacies in search of analgesics.

And although most methods of hair removal and depilation are usually painless (with the possible exception of sugaring and waxing), it is better not to expose yourself to unnecessary discomfort during this period. Rejection of the endometrial layer during the menstrual phase in most women is usually accompanied by:

  • emotional instability;
  • decreased pain sensitivity;
  • unstable general condition.

Those microtraumas that are inevitable during hair removal, instead of the sensation of a small mosquito bite on ordinary days, can be perceived in this state as a serious painful effect on the body. Therefore, be wise and always listen to your feelings. Based on this, make a responsible decision - is hair removal possible for you personally during menstruation?

Preparation rules

It is necessary to do laser hair removal during menstruation in the bikini area only after the correct preparatory procedures. There are a number of important requirements:

  1. Avoid tanning in a solarium or on the beach two weeks before the procedure.
  2. You cannot use self-tanning cream.
  3. If antibiotic treatment is required, the session is postponed until it is stopped.
  4. You need to pay close attention to hygiene.

Such simple measures will help eliminate discomfort during the procedure.

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