Psychosomatics of thrush - what to pay attention to

Candidiasis infection in women is a common and well-studied ailment in gynecology. However, some psychologists and philosophers suggest looking at the root causes of the disease through the prism of psychosomatic pathologies. Despite the physiological reasons why thrush can develop, psychosomatics monitors the connection between a woman’s emotional state and the development of infectious diseases.

Psychosomatics of thrush: why women get sick

Thrush and psychosomatics are very closely related to each other. For example, there are real situations where women with an identical disease were associated not only with poor physical well-being. All sick people were also associated with a feeling of despair and fatigue. This is confirmation of the presence of a direct connection between physical and spiritual health. Next, we’ll look in detail at why women’s problems are developing, how to deal with it, and many other important issues.

Why does candidiasis arise and develop in a woman?

Probably every representative of the fair sex paid attention to television advertisements for a drug that helps to quickly get rid of a female disease. It contains the words “thrush, like a boomerang. She always comes back." Marketers recommend getting rid of the disease forever with the help of a miracle drug, but is it effective if the root cause is hidden deep inside the soul? Unfortunately, not everything is as simple as it seems at first glance to pharmaceutical companies.

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THRUSH. Or how gluten, psychosomatics and synthetic underpants interfere with life. Part 1. ⠀ //This post is not a recommendation for treatment. This is just an experience that I am sharing. Treatment is prescribed only by a doctor. I do not provide advice on the treatment of gynecological diseases. Please do not give each other advice like “try this, the doctor prescribed it for me.” And don’t give advice if you haven’t asked for it /// ⠀ I think everyone has heard or even encountered “thrush”, or how to speak correctly with candidiasis. Memories of discharge and terrible itching cannot be forgotten. This is a fungal disease that can develop due to thousands of reasons. For most women, this happens occasionally and goes away quickly. But there are “lucky women” who live with thrush for years. I lived with constant recurrent thrush for almost 10 years. ⠀ I have been to gynecologists of all stripes, and if you wake me up at night, I can without hesitation name 5 types of suppositories for the treatment of candidiasis, and a couple of fluconazole analogues. Fluconazole is the main active ingredient in almost all antifungal drugs. The only difference was the duration of the course. The last time I took it was six months. Long-term antifungal therapy was the only hope, but after six months everything only got worse. Thrush appeared from pill to pill

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