Fire Trunk: Rescue and Fire Fighting Tool

A fire nozzle is a key tool in the arsenal of firefighters and fire suppression services. This is a powerful device designed to supply water or other fire extinguishing agents to the source of a fire for the purpose of extinguishing and controlling it.

Fire Tube Structure

  1. Pipeline: The main part of the fire nozzle is the pipeline through which the fire extinguishing agent is supplied. The pipeline is made of durable and high-pressure resistant materials.

  2. Nozzle: The nozzle is the end of the barrel through which a stream of water or foam emerges. Nozzles can have different shapes and sizes depending on the task.

  3. Handle and Valve: The handle and valve allow the firefighter to control the flow of water or foam. The handle provides comfortable control of the barrel.

  4. Hand Pump: In some cases, fire trunks are equipped with hand pumps to regulate the pressure and supply the extinguishing agent.

Application of Fire Nose

  1. Extinguishing Fires: The main purpose of a fire nozzle is to extinguish fires. The strength and range of the jet allows you to effectively direct the extinguishing agent towards the fire source.

  2. Fire Control: Fire nozzles are used to create barriers or cool structures to prevent the spread of fire.

  3. Site Cleanup: A strong blast from a fire nozzle can be used to remove hazardous materials from the scene.

  4. Working with Chemicals: In case of fires involving chemicals, fire nozzles are equipped to handle fire extinguishing agents designed for such situations.

Innovations in the Field of Fire Nozzles

Modern technologies introduce innovations in the field of fire nozzles:

  • Use of Robots: Robotic fire nozzles can operate in hazardous environments, preventing the lives of firefighters from being put at risk.

  • Intelligent Systems: Some trunks are equipped with intelligent systems that automatically respond to changes in fire conditions.

  • Environmental Fire Extinguishers: More effective and environmentally friendly fire extinguishing agents are being developed.


Fire nozzles remain an integral part of the firefighting service, providing an effective means of fighting fire. Their continuous improvement and innovation help improve safety and efficiency in dealing with emergencies.

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